Active Oxfordshire


Active Oxfordshire helps people in greatest need to increase their activity levels and improve their health, wellbeing and life chances. In Oxfordshire, 1 in 2 children are not getting enough activity to protect their health and wellbeing and people living in areas of highest deprivation are three times less likely to be physically active. COVID-19 has made existing inequalities far worse, and Oxfordshire is seeing a mental health crisis in our young people, with 1 in 5 children experiencing significant mental health difficulties.

They work with a wide range of partners and local communities to create long-term change – fighting inactivity and tackling inequality is at the heart of everything they do. Their key priorities are to support children and young people facing disadvantage, residents with long-term health conditions and older people, helping them to move more, improve their physical and mental health and enjoy the significant benefits that sport and physical activity can provide. Some examples of their work in action include helping children and their families to learn to swim and ride a bike, providing bikes for Oxfordshire keyworkers during the COVID-19 crisis and supporting people most impacted by COVID-19 to move more at home and in their community.

About us

In January 2022, they launched a new county-wide inclusive sports programme known as Access Sport Oxfordshire, which will support children and young people facing disadvantage to improve their lives through sport and physical activity. This builds on the fantastic work of Access Sport in Oxford city, and in response to fast-growing need and with Mark Beard’s generous support, we are delighted to be able to expand Access Sport’s inclusive provision across the whole county. They will:
  • Widen access to sport for young people and their families who are facing disadvantage, with a particular focus on areas of greatest deprivation in the county.
  • Give disabled children and young people new and inclusive opportunities to enjoy a range of sports
  • Create a new generation of diverse sports coaches and leaders for Oxfordshire
"Before coming here I was very shy and quite nervous meeting new people, since coming here and being involved in this course I feel it has helped me with meeting new people and learning how to make friends"
- Young participant on TRAX course

Thanks to Mark Beard’s generous support during his Shrieval Year, Active Oxfordshire will be able to transform the lives of children and young people in greatest need, helping them to thrive through the power of sports

Registered Charity Number: 1179040

Sources for stats: OxWell Survey 2021 and Active Lives surveys.